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Welcome to the Black Then & Now online store!

Black history is beautiful! Our culture is filled with so many amazing stories and accomplishments. Here at the Black Then and Now online store, you can live, learn, love, and be entertained all at the same time. Our Black history is truly inspiring and motivating. We have risen regardless of those who tried to keep us down. On our site you can learn how we fought and how we continue to fight for our voice, our rights, and our freedom. You can easily be connected to Black history and have easy access to learning more about black culture through our Black history products and Black history educational items.

Within the Black Then and Now online store, you can find a variety of products that are sure to fit your needs and desire for knowledge about Black history. Keep in mind, our products are priced, and they are not usually free, unless stated otherwise. This is ultimately because we want to remain an independent entity. By remaining independent, we can keep the needs within the black community as our number one priority in all of our decisions. Also keep in mind that when the items are priced, they are priced reasonably. Most of our products are truly one-of-a-kind and can only be found on our site! You definitely want to take advantage of these exclusive Black history products. 

We have a large catalog filled with Black history products especially for you! Black Then and Now has an exceptional list of Black history books for you to dive into. We also carry a wide range of Black history movies for you to choose from. Regardless if you are interested in learning more about the beginning of Black history, or looking for current achievements that have been made, we believe you will be pleased with our Black history products.

Our Black history store also carries amazing hoodies and t-shirts to allow you to show off your Black history pride. Our apparel ranges from themes that include politics, black historical figures, the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more. 

Black Then and Now believes it is important to support black businesses and buy black. With that being said we take pride in saying that we support black independent businesses. If you are interested in selling to us, you can easily find out more information by clicking on the tab that says, “Sell With Us.”

So, check out our catalog and allow yourself to grow, learn, and be a part of history. Our History. Black